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The Idea
The Timber
The Cast Bore Instruments


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Chakte Viga Cast Bore FluteChakte Viga Cast Bore Flute

The Idea:

Cast Bore Flutes are Instruments that have a wooden body, but the bore of the instrument is cast into the wood, using a special Resin. There are a lot of advantages:

The bore is very stable and not affected by moisture. Compared to other plastic flutes made from ABS, Acetal, PVC or the likes they are much lighter.  Wood that is not usually used for flutes can be used to make an instrument, a rather porous and light timber has even an advantage because the Resin can bond better with the wood by soaking deep into the grain of the wood and locking the resin tight to the wood.

Blow hole and noteholes are cast as well, so the blow or notehole chimney is made from Resin too. The Timber is well protected from moisture and the Cast Bore flute is practically maintenance free. Only the outside of the instrument needs some care, the bore needs only a basic wipe after playing, but even if that's not possible it's not causing any damage.

The Timber

Most Timbers can be used to make Cast Bore flutes due to the principle of the Cast Bore.

Timbers available at the moment are:

  • Maple
  • Kowhai
  • Totara
  • African Padauk

Due to the ongoing production and sale, please check availability or inquire if you want a special timber turned into a Flute.

The Cast Bore Instruments

The Flute Head is made in one piece, they don't have a tuning slide.

The Body is made of one piece and goes down to D and is in the key of D.

C-Foot models are also available, they consist of head, middle section and foot.

The Cast Bore method can also be used to make the normal Standard Flute Head with Tuning slide and barrel, please inquire if you are interested. They are made to order.