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My name is Maurice Reviol, I am a trained woodwind-instrument maker who first learned my profession completeing an apprenticeship at W.Schreiber in Nauheim, Germany, making Bassoons. After four years at Schreiber I moved to Wood, Wind & Reed in Cambridge, England, as a woodwind repair technician, and also under the guidance of Jeremy Soulsby in Hereford, a dedicated Bassoon-maker and wood-turner.

In Ireland 1998 I met Cillian Briain, in his workshop in Dingle, County Kerry, a well known musician, craftsman and producer of Uilleann-Pipes to a very high standard as well as hand improved tin-whistles and Low-Whistles.

I have been working together with Cillian for almost five years, making Uilleann-Pipes, Low Whistles and here amongst the traditions of Ireland is where I started to make Wooden Flutes - a project long on my mind and finally brought to life. During this Period I met my wife, playing music together we have recently returned from Ireland and are now settling down in her home-country New Zealand.