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Here are some pictures that explain a lot more...

Brazilian Kingwood Flute, C-Foot Model with 4 keys

picture of Brazilian Kingwood Flute, C-Foot model, 4 keys Brazilian Kingwood Flute, C-Foot Model, 4 keys, The Flute-Head Brazilian Kingwood Flute, Headplug with Silver and Paya Inlay Brazilian Kingwood Flute, Capped Tenon Brazilian Kingwood Flute, Bb Key detail Brazilian Kingwood Flute, Long-F and G-Sharp Key detail

Satiné Flute, C-Foot Model with 8 keys

picture of Satiné Flute, C-Foot model, 8 keys Satiné Flute, C-Foot Model, 8 keys Satiné Flute, C-Foot with Eb, Low C# and C key Satiné Flute Head with Paua Shell inlay in Head-plug Satiné One piece Middle joint with Bb, C-natural, G#, long f and short f key

Purpleheart Flute, Standard Model with 6 keys. The Keys and Pillars are Black Chrome plated, the Rings are Silver Plated, the Flute-head has a "cast-bore" meaning that the bore in the timber is lined with a thin layer of Epoxy resin that is poured into the piece of timber.

Purpleheart Flute with 6 keys, Silver and Black Chrome plated Purpleheart Flute with 6 keys, Silver and Black Chrome plated Head-Plug detail, Purpleheart flute Bb Key and C-Natural key close up, Purpleheart Flute Drilling the Blowhole,detail Close up C-Natural, G-sharp and B-flat keys Purpleheart Flute in BASG etui

Various recent Flutes, a detailed description comes once clicked on the picture

C-FootTulipwood8Keys1_t.jpg Black Maire 1 Piece Body C-Foot Satine, 8 keys, one piece middle joint C-Foot Tulipwood in Pouch One piece flute, Satine with 6 keys

Tommy Kochel's Flute, Two piece middle part,
C-Foot and D-Foot
Black Chrome plated keys
(The "Styx" Model)

Tommy Kochel's 'Styx' Upper Joint Middle Joint C-Foot D-Foot Capped Tenon Tommy Kochel's 'Styx Model Tommy Kochel's Styx Model Tommy Kochel's Styx Model Head Plug

Pictures that Blayne Chastaine from Whistle And Drum took (thanks for that, Blayne!...)

Bottom Ferrule Assembled Flute Barrel with TUning slide Capped Barrel Tenon

Lots of Keys!...

Different Timbers, Different Models...

Available Flute Cases and Pouches...

The Workshops in Dingle and Waiatarua...